Friday, May 18, 2012

Singapore Diplomats Visited PAS Kedah’s Administration Centre?

Malaysia welcomed a visit from Singapore’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Masagos Zulkifli last May 7-10. Like what was said by Singapore’s media statement, during the visit, he was scheduled to meet with Deputy Foreign Minister, Datuk Richard Riot Jaem and Deputy Home Minister, Datuk Wira Abu Seman.

Besides that, he was also scheduled to meet with Datuk Seri Azizan Razak in Kedah and DYMM Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin in Perlis.
However, sources from Kedah told that Masagos had made an extra visit that was not included in the original schedule when he was in Kedah.
But, when rumor said that he actually visited PAS Kedah’s Administration Centre, doubt starts to surround us along with surprise and anger.
If this is true, we are mad because the action clearly show that Singapore simply disrespect their diplomatic ties between two countries as they visited the administration office of the opposition party in Malaysia.
We are also confused on why would PAS let this happen when we all know that the history between Malaysia and Singapore or Lee Kwan Yew VS Tunku/Tun M/Melayu that was filled with prejudice. Singapore’s behavior in never really want to tolerate had caused tension between these two countries. Even though the tension is there, Malaysian leaders are still calm ain handling them.
Who do not know Lee Kwan Yew’s vengeance and dreams to turn Malaysia to a Chinese nation just like what he did to Singapore. He also had never hide his stand on thinking that Islam is the wall that stops people from uniting and he had made a statement where he wants Muslims to not hold tight to their religion because it would be easier for them to mix around with the society.
And who do not know about the close relationship between PAP and DAP. There was a rumor saying that Lim Guan Eng has an office in Singapore and he would go there every week. For what? What are his agenda? Is Penang under Malaysia or has it been invaded by Singapore?
Now, with the visit to PAS’s administrative office, we cannot help but to ask that isn’t it enough for DAP to be that close with PAP that they want to ‘help’Kedah? The help could come in forms of ‘investments’ or through ‘cooperation’.
So, the question here is, how smart is PAS Kedah in reading subliminal messages if they do accept those ‘investments’ and ‘cooperation’ from Singapore?
Our worry is not illogical because we are aware of the level of ‘smartness’ among PAS leaders including Ustaz Azizan who is not just unaware of competition from other races and that he does not have any experience in handling manipulation. Obviously, he would fail to understand their bad intentions.
That is why we worry that Kedah might fall like Kelantan where almost all of Malay reserves went to wrong hands just because of its leaders’ stupidity.
Ustaz Azizan should answer all questions that came from rakyat regarding the visit. If it is not true, say that it isn’t. If it is true, we need reasons.
Rakyat have the rights to know so that all of these doubts can be thrown away.

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